Friday, January 10, 2014

Apple and Samsung CEOs agree to meet over patent disputes

A court injunction has revealed that the Chief Executive Officers of Samsung and Apple will meet for mediation over the patent disputes that will see Apple attempt to ban sales of Samsung smartphones and tablets in the U. S. in March.

The two companies have been in patent battles over the past years with Samsung having to pay about $930 million to Apple in settlements. It is expected that Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Oh-Hyun Kwon will meet on the 19th of February to discuss possible settlements before the case goes to court in March.
iPhone and Samsung
iPhone and Samsung. Image: Getty images
Together with the two CEOs will be about two lawyers from the two companies only, no external lawyer, and a mediator who has “experience mediating high profile disputes,” at the meeting.
Mediation has been tried in the past with little positive results in the patent battle. It is being reported that Apple is seeking to ban the sales about 20 Samsung smartphones and tablets which infringe on Apple’s patents and also to stop production of future products which infringe on the patent.
The two biggest smartphone makers are in a tight battle over smartphone sales as Apple caught up with Samsung over the last quarter of 2013 with about 33 million sales of iPhone 5S and 5C while the sale of Samsung’s flagship dropped from 17 million in the third quarter to 15 million in the last quarter.


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